Graduate Admissions

 Apply for Admission

Please note that when you are applying to our graduate programs, you will be submitting all the documentation to the Graduate Office. Please do not send any documents to the department.


In an average year we admit students coming straight from undergraduate programs, mid-career and second career students, and retirees taking advantage of the University System’s GSU-62 program.
Our program is comparative and historical; it is not theological. (If you are interested in training for ministerial work, Atlanta is home to several theological schools and seminaries.) Students in our MA programs gain a sense of religion’s breadth and depth through coursework that spans religious traditions and offers opportunities to study specific religions comprehensively.
The Department of Religious Studies admits graduate students each fall. The application deadline is March 15th.

It’s free to start your application. Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies or start an application so that we know you’re interested in the program.

The Department makes funding offers at the time of admission. These offers consist of a two-year agreement between the Department and the student. Students work as Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) in their first year and Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). These positions come with a modest stipend and a tuition waiver. All GSU graduate students are responsible for paying their own fees.

For students who do not receive an offer of ongoing financial aid at the time of admission, there are other funding opportunities. Occasionally the Department has ad-hoc funding that is distributed based on merit, but the availability of that funding varies from year to year. Students may also work on campus as Writing Across the Curriculum Consultants. Students without ongoing funding may teach if they successfully complete the teaching practicum series. Any student who earns a ‘B’ or better in RELS 8970, which is offered each spring, may also be employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the second year, providing that there are open sections. Finally, some of our students take out loans or work part-time and even full-time jobs.