Applied Religious Studies at GSU

The Department of Religious Studies at Georgia State University stands apart from other BA and MA programs in the country because of our distinctive applied approach to studying religions. Taking an applied approach means that we work with a variety of community partners to incorporate into our courses learning opportunities that prepare our students for careers and advanced graduate study. Our students work alongside clinical ethicists in hospital settings, they intern for non-profit organizations advocating for human rights, and they create resources to educate the public about religious literacy and religious diversity. We are actively engaged in taking our subject-area specializations in religions and religious studies into the community to meet existing needs in health professions, business, law, non-profit, and education.

“In my view applied religious studies is a more practical and critical way to learn religion. When I was developing a module for Compassion House in Dr. Bassett’s seminar, I was able to get a visual presentation of the work I can do with my major. It also provides me with a way to showcase my work to people that might not understand what I can do with my major. I think this method of teaching not only educates students about the subject, but also shows them how to use the information.”
– Nancy Ramirez, MA student in Religious Studies