Career Possibilities

Graduates with Religious Studies degrees advance in a wide range of career fields. They are trained to navigate multicultural environments successfully, to lead teams effectively in collaborative settings, and to interpret and marshal various types of information and data while advancing a large project.

Here’s what our alumni are doing – contact to find out more!

Monique Barlow, MA ’17, currently completing her Ph.D., Department of Political Science, Georgia State University
Mary Grace Dupree, MA ’15, currently completing her Ph.D., Department of Religion, Emory University
Sahar Farooqui, MA ’17, Senior Editor, American Academy of Religion (Atlanta)
Sarah Levine, BA ’09, MA ’12, Associate Director of Publishing, American Academy of Religion (Atlanta)
Anthony Petro, BA ’03, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Boston University
Amanda Pinney, BA ’06, Development Associate, Office of Development, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University
John Sullivan, MA ’10, currently completing his Ph.D., Department of History, Georgia State University
Ed Van Herik, MA ’15, currently completing his Ph.D., Department of Communication, Georgia State University

Education K-12
Sherry Bouhi, MA ’13, World History Teacher, Westlake High School
Sherry Morton, MA ’10, STEAM Teacher, Hess Academy

Law & Government
Rachel Blume, MA ’12, Associate Attorney, Blume & Blume Attorneys at Law, focused on criminal law, divorce and family, social security, juvenile matters, workers compensation
David Dreyer, BA ’01, currently House District Representative, Georgia State Legislature; business litigation attorney with Chamberlain Hrdlicka
Amna Shirazi, BA ’07, founder and head of Shirazi Law Firm, focused on immigration issues such as deportation defense, detention, asylum/human rights, and consular issues

Erika Dorland, MA ’11, Business Development Executive, Brilliant Data (Marietta, GA)
Audra Esker, BA ’11, Field Sales Specialist, Michaels and Associates Food Service Sales Brokerage (Nashville, TN)
Aaron Golden, BA ’07, Learning and Development Consultant, Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Ndola Hagood, MA ’10, co-owner Marie’s at Ummat’s Café (restaurant, catering)
Matt Hinton, BA ’97, owner, Bell Street Burritos (restaurant)
Derek Jackson, BA ’97, co-owner, International Castings (import/export business)
Mike Luttrell, BA ’01, currently Director of Information Technology, Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Justin Strickland, BA ’15, Supervisor, Landry and McCormick & Schmick’s

Leslie Andrews, BA ’12, Grant Solutions Trainer, World Vision (Washington, DC)
Justin Howell, BA ’97, Deputy Director, International Rescue Committee (Atlanta)
Ameer Muhammad, MA ’16, Director of Community Outreach, Pianos for Peace (Atlanta)

Jason Lesandrini, MA ’06, Executive Director of Medical and Organizational Ethics, WellStar Health System