Sherry Morton

Posted On June 23, 2015
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Sherry Morton

Degree you received at Georgia State:
BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies, MA in Religious Studies

Current Job:
Middle School History, Science and Yoga Instructor at Hess Academy (I also helped start the school with my friend Kristen Hess Ph. D, from GSU in ed.)

What do you do on an average day?
While I have many administrative duties, I have so much fun in a day that it might not be legal. I learn and explore with an imaginative and intelligent group of students ages 10-12, we:

  • build kites, cloud watch, and construct barometers, in an effort to understand the physics of flight , the nature of wind and weather;
  • bake bread,and brew root beer, while we read, question and complicate the story of American and world history;
  • read historical fiction to breathe life into ghosts of the past;
  • sing “The Body Parts Song,” and color anatomy drawings to comprehend the marvelous machine we live in;
  • take yoga walks to the local nature preserve and dip up pond water to view under the microscope;
  • write memories, presuasive essays and hilarious stories;
  • use globes and maps to measure the time it will take to travel to Australia;
  • we weigh and measure everything;
  • do yoga, breathe deeply, meditate, expand our point of view and change;
  • there are laughter, tears, fights and forgiveness in our days.

Sorry this is only a snap shot. Oh I forgot to include watching Bill Cosby and Monty Python on Youtube at lunch, and reading aloud from Calvin and Hobbs.

Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree?
I love exploring and questioning the world I inhabit. Also, I was confident that with Dr. McClymond’s guidance I could develop much stronger writing skills.

How do you use your graduate degree in your current job?
Middle school students are in a great state of flux and are so curious that I need every ounce of cognitive and emotional energy to keep up with their questions.Studying Religion at GSU taught me a method of inquiry that relied on understanding the complex contexts (political, social, historical, scientific, ect.) that frame a topic. I use all of my knowledge, critical thinking skills and love of learning in a day.

Would you recommend your degree program? Why?

I highly recommend studying religion at GSU. There are many studies that show that graduate work improves earning potential, it is a good investment. Graduate work in Religious Studies at GSU is an excellent preparation for any endeavor because it expands your knowledge base, strengthens critical thinking and improves writing skills.

What’s the strangest or quirkiest thing you learned in the course of your graduate study?
Every time I slice vegetables I think of the Chuang Tzu and “The Secret of Caring for Life.” The dexterous butcher looks for the space between things when he slices and therefore his knife never dulls.