Bishal Karna

Posted On June 23, 2015
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Karna image40030072dpiName:
Bishal Karna

Degree you received at Georgia State:
Masters of Arts in Religious Studies

Current Job:
Teaching Associate and PhD student at the Department of Comparative Studies in The Ohio State University. My area of study for PhD is Philosophy of Religion with special interest in Hindu and Buddhist Philosophy and I am also doing a minor in Folklore Studies.

What do you do on an average day?
Attend classes, teach, read, write, think, avoid thinking, cook, eat, meditate, pray, walk.

Why did you choose to pursue a graduate degree?
I love learning and teaching.

How do you use your graduate degree in your current job?
At Georgia State University, I gained knowledge on a variety of religions and themes in religious studies. I was also fortunate to get three semester long training on teaching with Dr. Kathryn McClymond and Dr. David Bell. Moreover, I had the opportunity to teach my own classes (of about 40 students!) for two semesters. Currently, I teach (recitation sections of) introductory classes in Comparative Religion, and my experience at GSU has helped me tremendously. Also, working on my Masters Thesis with my supervisor equipped me with research and writing skills that will definitely be of great help in my PhD.

Would you recommend your degree program? Why?
Yes, I would recommend it to anyone interested in Religious Studies. I would, however, also recommend that they learn more about the field by talking to the professors at the Department of Religious Studies at GSU before making a decision. Religious Studies may not be for everyone!
I think the Department of Religious Studies at GSU is an excellent place for a Masters Degree in Religious Studies because the professors and staff are kind, helpful, understanding, and brilliant with contagious passion for what they do, and the Department has projects like the Religious Life Narratives Project and Atlanta Sound Map Project that provide opportunities to work and interact with the religiously diverse local community in Atlanta

What’s the strangest or quirkiest thing you learned in the course of your graduate study?
I learned that I don’t really know much about much and I am grateful for this wisdom!